Rate Plans

Here you will find a description of all our solutions offered, as well as the different
Monthly rate plans offered within that solution

Blue Arrow Telematics offers some solutions that do not require monthly subscriptions to use. To see the full list of products offered by Blue Arrow Telematics Click Here

Geotab Vehicle Tracking

Base Subscription

The Base plan offers GPS location, VIN, Driver ID, and basic IOX support. This plan is recommened for companies who just want to know their drivers locations and where they have been.

Pro Subscription

The Pro plan offers the functionality of the Regulatory plan and adds support for engine and accelerometer data. This plan is for companies who want to go that extra step and recieve additional data about their vehicles such as, engine diagnoistics, fuel data, driver behavior, and more.

ProPlus Subscription

The ProPlus plan offers the greatest functionality, including Active Tracking, a lifetime warranty, and premium services. This pan is for companies who want the best experience with geotab possible. This plan includes Active tracking (Watching your vehicles move on the map), Lifetime warranty on equipment, Roadside assistance, and more.

Smartwitness In-Vehicle Cameras

ZenduCam Integration With Geotab

Both Plans for Zenducam In-Vehicele Cameras offer generally the same core features. If you use Zednucam with the Geotab Integration you get the added benefit of capturing video events based off of Geotabs customizable rules

ZenduCam Standalone

Both Plans for Zenducam In-Vehicele Cameras offer generally the same core features. If you use Zednucam Standalone then you do not get Geotabs custom rules and you can use the Cameras set rules to capture video events such as speeding, harsh driving, and impact events.


This camera plan is more of your basic camera solution, this is mainly for someone who is looking to capture video events and have the recordings sent to their email via a notification to view the captured video. This plan captures video events based off of harsh driving, severe impact, and speeding.


This camera plan is best built for someone looking for GPS tracking and in-vehicle cameras all in one product. This camera can provide the basics of GPS tracking such as, location, trips, stops, idling, speeding, and harsh driving. While also offering you the ability to capture video recording on sever impacts, harsh driving, etc.

Rosco In-Vehicle Cameras

Events Only

With this plan the Rosco camera will capture events based on rules you specify. You also have the ability to request custom video request for periods of time where no video was captured and you also can pull video straight from the cameras SD card.

Events + Live Feed

This plan is the same as the "Base - Events Only" plan, however you get the added benefit of a Live feed, which allows you to live look in on what the camera is seeing anytime it is on.

SD Card (No Cloud Service)

This Plan has no Monthly recurring costs. However no video is being captured based off of events or stored anywhere on a cloud database, It relies on you to pull the SD card from the vehicle and physically download any video you want to see.

Bewhere Tool Tracking

Bewhere Monthly Subscription

BeWhere provides hardware and software solutions that automatically track movable assets to better manage tools, equipment, inventory and other non-powered assets. BeWhere’s ruggedized BLE (Bluetooth® low energy) beacons with sensors reduce the need to manually count inventory, and save time on finding misplaced items.

DoForms Paperless Forms


This plan is for your basic forms user. It gives you the ability to create unlimimted forms and have your users open up the doforms app and fill out these forms. You get everything you would need from an admin or driver side, the only peice that is missing is you do not have the capibility to dispatch specific forms to specific users.

Dispatching & Tracking

This plan gives you everything the professional plan does, however it gives you the ability to dispatch forms to specific users to manage their jobs throughout the day and treack the progress of forms.


This is an added feature you would add on to the professional or Dispatching plan this allows you to use "Sync & Save" doforms integration portal, so you can integrate data from quickbooks, Salesforce, data sheets, and much more.

Visitrack Paperless Forms

Visitrack Monthly Subscription

This solution requires no equipment purchase from Blue Arrow Telematics. It is a paperless forms solution which allows you to convert any of your paper forms to paperless for use on an andoroid phone or tablet. The monthly charge comes from how many devices/employees you have setup to use paperless forms on their devices. You can create limitless paperless forms, dispatch, capture picture/videos and more.

Saferide Distracted Driving

Saferide Monthly Subscription

Saferide is a solution that shuts down use of cellular devices while driving in a company car. This does not require any additional equipment purchase from Blue Arrow Telematics. However it does require you have a Geotab Tracking Device in your vehicle. This Solution detects when the Geotab device is moving and shuts down your employees phones based on that. You are billed for how many devices you have setup to shut down in your vehicles.

Fleetio Maintenance

Pro Subscription

The essential features to streamline fleet operations and reduce downtime. This plan includes features such as fuel card data, fault codes, maintenance reminders, etc.

Advanced Subscription

Powerful workflows with Work Orders, Parts Management and advanced Integrations. This plan is recommended for companies that want all the benefits of the "Base" plan, but also manage their own shop. This plan allows you to track inventory, ad create work orders.

Fuel BI Fuel Card Integration

Base Subscription

This Basic plan gets your fuel card data automatically imported into geotab to compare to your fill-ups data provided buy the geotab device.

Standard Subscription

This feature does everything the Base plan does plus it also gives you the fuel BI addin to your Geotab database. This add-in will give you a place to view reports and data regarding your fuel transactions.

Craig Safety Technologies

Craig Safety Monthly Subscription

Compliance Safety Manager™ (CSM) offers simple and comprehensive management of all day-to-day fleet operations, including driver file management, maintenance management, fuel tracking, and parts and inventory data.

Mobileye Collision Avoidance

**This Solution does not require any monthly subscription see products page.**

Derive Vehicle Optimization

Speed Only

This License monitors speed, and can limit your vehicles from crossing a specified speed.

Speed & Idle

This License limits speed and can shut down idling after a specified amount of idle time.

Law Enforcement & Fuel Economy

This License does everything the previous licenses do plus it imrpoves vehicle fuel economy.

CalAmp Asset Tracking

CalAmp Monthly Subscription

Quik Lokate is an asset tracking application that is integrated with Geotab. View your Geotab devices on the same map with your asset devices and use the zones you have already created in Geotab to report geofence alerts.

Pressure Pro Tire Pressure Monitoring

**This Solution does not require any monthly subscription see products page.**

Valor Temperature Monitoring

**This Solution does not require any monthly subscription see products page.**

Driver Challenge - D2GO

D2GO Monthly Subscription

The Driver Challenge is an exciting new way to engage, motivate and coach your drivers. Turn every day driving into a friendly competition with our gamification solution. Drivers are scored and compared on the KPIs you choose, Trends are tracked analyzed to give both drivers and managers insight on what needs improvement and who deserves recognition.