Distracted Driving

Distracted driving accounts for approximately 25% of all motor vehicle crash fatalities.
What are you doing to prevent it?

Accidentsinvolving a fatality
cost an average of
$7.2 million.

This Solution is designed for any fleet large or small. So much can be saved with this very simple solution. Any customer who tries sees an immediate return on investment in small fender benders alone. Not to mention the lives it can save!

Shut Down Cell Phone Use In Company Vehicles

Effective December 27, 2011, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration can charge up to $11,000 in fines to your company if a commercial vehicle driver is ticketed for texting or talking on a cellphone without a handsfree device? In fact, the driver can also be fined up to $2750 for this offense as well. We have new customers everyday that initially implemented a written policy to restrict cellphone use while driving only to find out the employees totally disregard the policy. Don't make this mistake.

Our technology is a commercial-class, enterprise mobile policy enforcement technology. The solution directly integrates with the vehilce communications port and installs on multiple mobile communication devices such as mobile phone, laptops and handheld radios. Policy maintenance and workgroup management is handled via a web-based portal accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Shut Down Distracted Driving

Our Technologies shut down mobile device usage in your company vehicles

How Our Technology Works

What makes our technology great for fleets is our ability to shut down a cell phone only in your company vehicles. You will find all of our competition typically has a product that will shut down the cellphone when the phone detects movement, what this means is that in a personal vehicle, boat, bike, or anything that goes a certain speed will shut down your drivers phones. With our solution it works off of the equipment in your vehicle so the phone will only detect when it is in your company vehicle and it is moving. We also have many customizable features that allow use of certain apps, whitelist numbers, notifications if the app is removed, etc.

How It Works

See what makes our technology unique and more than just a simple cell phone blocking app.