Custom Integration & Development

To address the growing and complex needs of our fleet customers, BlueArrow Telematics has an in house development
and integration team. With your fleets many solutions and software, you need a partner who can work with
you to tie these technologies together and make them work smarter not harder.

About BlueArrow Integrations

We’re an experienced team of software developers for BlueArrow Telematics. BlueArrow is a company that has decades of experience in this industry so we’re in a unique position where we understand the problems you’re facing today while also possessing the tools to address those issues. We create custom solutions by integrating multiple technologies that are more powerful together than they are separately.

Development & Integration

Lead Developer Tucker Peebles discusses what BlueArrow Integration can do for our customers

BlueArrow Fuel

BlueArrow Fuel is a fuel card integration that combines data from your fuel card provider with data from your GPS tracking system. We use this combined data to alert our customers about abuse of the company fuel card by their employees. Fuel card fraud is one of the biggest issues facing companies with fleet vehicles today; let BlueArrow Fuel save you time and money by monitoring it for you!

BlueArrow Fuel

BlueArrow Fuel is an app that is designed to alert you when drivers are misusing your company fuel card.

Custom Integrations

At BlueArrow, we’re keenly aware that each customer’s situation is different. There are an abundance of solutions and no two companies are using the exact same solutions. If you want to make your processes more efficient by combining data and integrating multiple technologies, we can help! Let us build a custom solution tailored specifically for your company’s needs.