Collision Avoidance

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Rear-end collisions are one of the most common accidents caused by driver inattention. Our Collision Avoidance system continuously scans the area in front of your vehicle, detecting all types of vehicles in your path including motorcycles to help you prevent all minor and major accidents.

What Is Collision Avoidance?

The Mobileye Collision Avoidance System warns drivers of the risk of a collision a few seconds before it happens. These crucial seconds can mean the difference between a devastating collision and an incident entirely avoided or far less severe. The System works by continuously monitoring the road ahead and analyzing for the risks of forward collisions, unintended lane departures, tailgating, and pedestrian and cyclist hazards. The System can differentiate between vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, while also recognizing lane markings and speed limit signs.

Why Collision Avoidance?

See how our Collision Avoidance system can benefit your fleet

Why Collision Avoidance?

When seconds count, real-time alerts make all the difference. Mobileye’s collision avoidance system scans the driving scene and its proprietary algorithms detect other vehicles, lane markings, speed limit signs, pedestrians and cyclists. When the system detects the possibility of an imminent collision, it alerts the driver with a visual and audio alert - in real time, providing the critical seconds necessary to avoid or mitigate a collision.

How Collision Avoidance Works

Our Solution can detect accidents before they happen to prevent accidents and save lives