What's In A Name Change

Read why we recently changed our name from GPS Mobile Solutions to BlueArrow Telematics.

Raleigh, N.C. -- 27 November 2018 -- Lamm's company started in 1991 as CELLULAR IMAGES [1991-2009], became GPS Mobile Solutions [2009-2018], and, as of today, is officially BlueArrow Telematics . “With our strategic sights set on expansion, we believe it’s vital to officially change the name of our firm to BlueArrow Telematics.” Changing the name of your business is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is a delicate process that must be handled properly, say experts. But making this kind of change can be important – even critical – to a business. Having gone through a company name change once before, Lamm understands the opportunities and challenges well. “In both cases, a term used in my company name became a commodity, not a distinction,” explains Lamm. “This time, we needed to land on a name that will outlive the rapid changes that have and will continue to impact the telecommunications industry.” He also wants the name change to amplify the impact of the internal work they were doing as well as serve as a strong signal to the marketplace, clients. and employees alike that this isn’t the cellular company of 25 years ago — things are different now. “Because I’ve been through this process before, I have learned a few things that I hope can help other business owners who are facing the same issues.”

1. Make it a Big Deal

Our first name change was launched with little fanfare. I realize now that may have been a missed opportunity. This time, I’m looking at this as a new start, a time to better capture our value proposition and philosophy, to rebuild on the marketing and branding fronts, and to reenergize our company’s expansion efforts.

2. Pick a Name that has Room to Grow

Focusing on one technology asset in a continually growing marketplace is confining. In our case, “cellular” came to mean “phone” and GPS meant “getting directions” to most people. BlueArrow can mean anything we want it to.

3. In SEO, Winners Focus, Losers Spray

Earning top SEO placement with a broad term like GPS was next to impossible for us. A search term like “BlueArrow” has far more opportunities to make the fast track to Page One.

4. Be Broad, But Refined

We wanted our name to tell what we do, but in a subtle way; we added a “sub-title” : TELEMATICS ( the branch of information technology that deals with the long-distance transmission of computerized information) . The general public may not know what it is, but our client’s do.

5. Connect the Dots

If there is a disconnect between what your company is doing and what its name suggests, a name change may be in order. In our case, we moved from helping companies with tracking vehicles to broader solutions that included safety, maintenance, and driver performance programs; our name didn’t reflect that

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