Melvin McNeill is on a Mission to Save Lives

This former highway patrolman is well aware of the risks faced by officers patrolling North Carolina roads.
Many dangers can’t be controlled, monitored, or avoided; but some can.

In his current role as a Senior Consultant with BlueArrow Telematics, which provides life-saving fleet management solutions for mobile workforces, Melvin McNeill now has access to accident avoidance tools and technologies that can save lives. Not just for the general public, but for law enforcement officers, their families, and friends.

His focus this year is to build awareness within North Carolina agencies, EMS services, and municipalities of new technologies and tools that have one mission: SAVE LIVES.

“There is a tremendous hesitancy from these communities to adopt new technologies – even though I can prove the effectiveness and efficiencies of implementing these systems in dozens of NC cities,” explains McNeill. “I am spending 2019 building awareness and educating these agencies so that accidents and loss of lives can be avoided.”

Economically, it makes sense, as well. The average cost of an accident involving a fatality is $1,130,000. Last year, two NC law enforcement officers lost their lives for one very simple reason: they weren’t wearing their seatbelt.

Interestingly, that happens more often than one would expect given the fact these officials are responsible for ensuring private citizens are wearing theirs.

“Monitoring the monitors makes sense,” says BlueArrow CEO Stuart Lamm. “We all want the same thing: safe roads for ourselves and our families.”

One solution Lamm recommends for law enforcement is a fully customized application powered by Geotab. Law enforcement supervisors now have real data showing seat-belt use plus the solution can go so far as to provide real-time in-vehicle verbal commands reminding these often-distressed drivers to wear seatbelts.

He is quick to point out these safety precautions are not Project “Big Brother,” rather it’s a solution designed to remind drivers in stressful driving conditions of life-saving safety measures.

To jumpstart his campaign, McNeill is reaching out to newly elected officials, many whom he’s met at conferences over the years, to ask them to meet and discuss opportunities.

“My goal is to keep one wife, husband, son or daughter from losing a family member by implementing solutions that are within our control.”

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