2019 Most Impactful Telematic Solutions

Today fleets can no longer afford not to adopt telematics. Reducing risk associated with unsafe driving behaviors, improving mobile workforce efficiencies, and reducing unnecessary vehicle maintenance costs are coming to the forefront of business. One major accident for an organization can be detrimental both in cost and a tarnished brand. Effectively utilizing telematics technologies will provide management with clear, concise data to help avoid costly accidents, inefficiencies, and costly vehicle repairs.

BlueArrow Telematics Shares this Year’s Most Effective, Efficient, and Life-Saving Telematic Solutions: 1. GPS Vehicle Tracking powered by Geotab
2. In-Vehicle Cameras
3. Asset Tracking
4. Engine Diagnostic Maintenance Applications
5. Distracted Driving Technology
6. Accident Avoidance Technology
7. ELD Technologies
8. Field Service and Workflow
9. Software Integration
10. Paperless Forms
11. Fuel Management
12. Vehicle Routing & Scheduling
13. Tire Pressure Monitoring
14. Predictive Maintenance Solutions
15. Temperature Monitoring
16. Roadside Assistance
17. Remote Worker Man-Down
18. Free Unlimited Reporting & Alerts (at no cost)

BlueArrow solutions are always tailored to your needs. As our client, you’ll receive strategic planning sessions to make sure you’re getting only the services you need. Our products are backed by world-class, U.S.-based customer service who can offer helpful consultation and guidance at any time.

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