Telematics: Cost or Investment?

Telematics: Cost or Investment?

BlueArrow Telematics recently employed a research assistant to analyze dozens of telematics reports, surveys, and statistics to share newsworthy information with our clients and friends.

After analyzing the data, one of the more interesting facts about telematics usage in the fleet industry is that budget is the biggest barrier to adoption for most fleets .

The issue lies in the fact that operating fleet is rarely considered as a part of the revenue generating side of the business. Instead, many executives prefer to manage their fleet as cheaply as they can and ultimately fail to consider the significant ROI that an investment in telematics can bring to their operations.

The issue gets exponentially more difficult on the government side, as the fleet managers for cities and counties must get large expenses approved by a never-ending chain of bureaucrats and politicians more concerned with their next election than approving more “expenses” for their fleets. Many of these fleet managers are hesitant, or unable to adopt, due to budget constraints.

Today fleets can no longer afford not to adopt telematics. Reducing risk associated with unsafe driving behaviors, improving mobile workforce efficiencies, and reducing unnecessary vehicle maintenance costs are coming to the forefront of business. One major accident for an organization can be detrimental both in cost and a tarnished brand. Effectively utilizing telematics technologies will provide management with clear, concise data to help avoid costly accidents, inefficiencies, and costly vehicle repairs.

But be careful, choosing a low-cost telematics provider may backfire on you as the telematics continues to advance. Choose a telematics provider with integration and expandability capabilities. Avoid long-term contracts because termination fees will likely make that “free equipment deal” much more expensive than if you purchase equipment outright without contracts. The old saying “You pay by time, money, or frustration” certainly applies to making a bad decision by choosing a telematics solution with “free” equipment offers.

Understanding how to best utilize telematics data is important and many providers leave it up to the customer to figure out what’s important. Finding an experienced telematics partner versus just a telematics provider is key to a successful telematics strategy. Custom reporting and consultation should be included as part of your subscription versus being nickeled and dimed for this support.

Here’s an analogy that may provide some perspective on how critical telematics will become to the fleet industry. Imagine a world 25 years ago without cell phones. Now that the telecommunications industry has dramatically evolved with an explosion in technological advancement, 98 percent of people today say cell phones have a positive impact on their lives. Many of us would be lost without them.

While that’s interesting, it isn’t quite wholly relevant to the fleet industry. The fact that 96 percent of a leading provider's customers said that telematics has had a positive impact on their fleet definitely is.

Now you have the opportunity to join the elite club of adopters of a technology that has the potential to revolutionize your business.

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