Asset Tracking

Equipement tracking is becoming a critical need for companies
seeking to utilize equipment and other assets.

Vehicles Are Not The Only
Valuable Assets Out
On the Road.

Bluearrow Telematics provides rugged and reliable GPS equipment customized to fit your company's specific needs. Whether you need a simple location alert or engine run-time with location or extensive engine diagnostic data from your heavy equipment, Bleuarrow Telematics provides a superior product customized to fit your company's specific needs.

Heavy Equipment Asset Tracking

Our Heavy Asset Tracking Solution allows a quick and easy way to know the location of all of your valuable assets. Our Solution is the perfect fit for equipment you do not want to put a full second by second tracker on, but is still valuable enough that you would like to know the location multiple times a day. Our Asset tracker uses Satellite and Cellular data to give you Real locations pingend multiple times a day. A great example of how our Asset Trackers are being put into use today is construction companies who leave Bulldozers, Generators, Etc. out on a jobsite overnight. They are using our trackers to make sure equipment is not stolen or moved overnight.

Heavy Equipment Tracking

Bluearrow provides Real GPS Location Tracking for all of your Valuable Equipment

Low Energy Bluetooth Tracking

Bluearrows bluetooth based small to medium asset tracker. The purpose of this asset tracking solution is to provide a low cost & low energy asset tracker for companies who have tools/equipment with enough value to need tracking, but do not want to have the high cost that come with providing a GPS based tracker for every peice of equipment. The way our solution works is by attaching beacons to each peice of equipment and having multiple recievers for these beacons in your offices, vehicles, and even your smartphones. So whenever a beacon enters in range of any of these recievers it picks up and reports to the cloud. This system works great for not losing equipment, knowing last known location, and accountability.

Bluetooth Tool Tracking

Track your small to medium assets with Low energy, Low cost Bluetooth tracking