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BlueArrow Telematics Formerly GPS Mobile Solutions Inc. is a privately-owned company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our mission is to provide customers with industry leading Mobile Workforce Technologies along with expert advice and superior customer support. We strive to lead our competitors in technology offerings, industry knowledge and customer support. For over 25 years, our company has forged ahead of competitors by helping business managers develop and implement a mobile workforce strategy. Today, we provide several leading GPS Fleet Management solutions from industry leading service providers.

Employee Interviews

Stuart Lamm

Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Wilson, North Carolina, Stuart graduated from East Carolina University in 1990 with a BSBA with concentration in Finance. He founded Cellular Images in 1991 offering $500 bag phones and $1000 flip phones through both retail stores and outside sales representatives. “We found our niche was working with small to medium sized businesses that required exceptional support.”

With the proliferation and commoditization of the cellular industry, Stuart began to focus on emerging GPS technologies, the genesis being an encounter with a former employee of the power washing company he and his brother operated in college.

“A former employee told me that some days he and others would stop by Meredith College during the day and hang out with their girlfriends - without my ever knowing! I always thought of this guy as one of my best employees – it wasn’t the money I lost in wages that bothered me, imagine how many houses he could have cleaned if he was where he was supposed to be!”

In 2009, Stuart changed the company name from Cellular Images to GPS MOBILE SOLUTIONS to better represent their new direction, providing fleet management and emerging GPS technologies to his small and medium sized business clientele, helping them save time and money. As newer technologies came available, they were added to GPSMS suite of services designed to optimize the mobile workforce.

Fast forward to 2018. Stuart wanted to show they were much more than a GPS provider, we were a full service telematics provider which combines telecommunications, GPS vehicle/asset tracking technologies, vehicle maintenance solutions, fuel card integration, in-vehicle cameras, accident avoidance technology, distracted driving solutions, routing, and gamification. He once again adapted and officially changed the name of the company to BlueArrow Telematics.

“We’re expanding to empower our customers with technologies most organizations don’t know even exist. Ultimately, our clients become our partners and together, we are saving time, money, resources, and, most importantly, lives.”


Melvin McNeill

Senior Account Manager & Consultant As a former NC Highway Patrol Officer who was injured on the job, Melvin has first-hand experience with the challenges commercial vehicles face while traversing the highways and byways of our state.

This father of three has been married for 28 years to his high school sweetheart and believes loyalty, consistency, and dedication to his family and those he serves is paramount to living your best life.

Melvin is an ordained elder at his church, enjoys keeping in shape, loves a good ribeye, and believes all things are possible if you stick to the task at hand.

North Carolina native Political Science Major, Fayetteville State University Hospitality | Restaurant Management NC Highway Patrol Officer BlueArrow Telematics (formerly GPS Mobile Solutions) since 2005


Dallas Owens

Account Manager | Sales “If you live an ordinary life, all you’ll have is ordinary stories” is one of this quotation enthusiast’s favorites. And this Virginia-born self-starter who is named after the Superbowl champs is certainly NOT ordinary.

As a lifelong learner, Dallas’ interests and capabilities are nothing less than astounding. He plays four instruments and league hockey, excels in water sports, is a 15-handicap golfer, and played four varsity sports in high school. This entrepreneurial spirit also ran his own lawn care company in his teens.

Known by all as outgoing, hardworking, and loyal, Dallas is a natural leader. Adding to that, his experience in finance, combined with a servant leadership style, leaves no doubt he will make a big impact on this fast-growing company, its clients, and the booming telematics industry.

Finance Major, East Carolina University [magna cum laude] Student Government, Treasurer Credit Suisse ADP, Small Business Support and Sales


Bryan Kondub

Administration | Client Support BlueArrow’s newest recruit spent seven years serving our country in the Air Force, traveling the world as a Weapon Systems Engineer and Mechanic. Bryan knows how to make things work.

Born in Norwalk, Connecticut and raised in Westport, he came to North Carolina in 1998 with his family when his father accepted a position with NC State University Athletics – to make things work.

Bryan attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, majoring in theology. Add this to his military background and diverse interests in Ecclesiastical history, softball, hockey, trout fishing, snowboarding, and social engagement – Bryan’s the ultimate team player who gets things done, makes things work, and enjoys the comradery and competitive nature of the telematics industry.

“It’s a perfect fit. We brought Bryan in to create his own space at BlueArrow,” says CEO Stuart Lamm. “And we look to see great solutions created for our clients.”


Matt Tyrolf

Administration | Client Support The quintessential “techie,” Matt prefers to stay behind the scenes at BlueArrow, ensuring the magic of telematic technology works for the company and its clients. No stone left unturned… No detail overlooked… His intense focus on getting it RIGHT, the first time, has made Matt an integral part of the team.

The son of small business owners, he learned as a boy the value of hard work, tenacity, and grit. His parent’s Auto Shop became an early adopter of technology, due in part to Matt’s natural aptitude as a web developer, graphic designer, and software integrator.

A proficient drummer since age 11 and a nationally acclaimed “Gamer,” Matt spends his off time honing those skills, playing hockey with his team, and living what he calls “a highly organized life.”

Graphic and Web Design degree, Wake Technical College


Patrick Ney

Administration | Client Support Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Patrick had an overwhelming urge to move to the Triangle in 2015. He says there was no “real reason,” but it’s evident he’s found his lifetime home here. In Raleigh and with BlueArrow Telematics.

His easy-going demeanor and kind disposition belies the fact that Patrick has overcome great adversity. He spent a few years in and out of foster homes as a child and suffered a traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident, while attending Boot Camp for the US Navy. It took years to recover yet ignited his passion to find ways to make the roadways a safer place.

Patrick has been playing hockey since he was four years old, enjoys “grillin’ and chillin’” on the weekends, considers the BLUEARROW Team his closest friends, and believes that one shouldn’t take life too seriously.

Started working in his family business when he was eight (an aftermarket auto parts shop) Business Management at CCAC Robert Morris College Phoenix University


Trey Hogan

Administration | Client Support Another North Carolina native, Trey’s mother and Stuart’s wife (BlueArrow President) met and became friends when they were in the same childbirth class. Their children also went to North Raleigh Christian Academy and have remained lifelong friends.

A recent college graduate, the BlueArrow Team didn’t have far to look to find BlueArrow’s newest associate. Trey considers working with this fast-growing small business whose mission it is to save lives as the opportunity of a lifetime.

Trey is also a team player, playing baseball his entire life, from little league to his college’s starting team as short stop. He supports charities including StopHungerNow, Miracle League, and Habitat for Humanity, and considers himself a “sports junkie.” We trust this positive, clear-headed gentleman will make quite an impact on the BLUEARROW Team.

Business Administration and Sports Management, William Peace College


Tucker Peebles

Senior Developer “I’ll never let anyone outwork me” says Tucker when discussing his role as Development Specialist at BlueArrow. An astounding statement made more impactful when you see what this young man has accomplished in the ten years since his graduation from NCSU and Wake Tech.

Focusing on entrepreneurship and development, Tucker creates solutions by first understanding and eliminating pain points before striking the first key.

Born and raised in Raleigh, NC, Tucker comes from generations of well-known, well-heralded citizens of our capital city. His uncle is BlueArrow founder and CEO Stuart Lamm. “I’ve been trying to recruit him since he was in his teens,” laughed Stuart. “Everyone who knows Tucker always comments on how SMART he is.”

Tucker is looking forward to implementing the vision the company has AND adding the many opportunities he envisions to build a BlueArrow Platform, taking client and partner support to a whole new level.

Another seasoned hockey player, Tucker is unique in that he plays both forward and defense positions for his team. “I made captain of my football and basketball team, not by my talents, by my hard work,” he laughs. He brings this mentality into his workplace as well, working with three startups in the intensely competitive start-up world.

With hundreds of providers and clients to serve, Tucker’s focus is to listen to what they need and build it for them.

BLDG 25 – Tech company, web development

NextGen Interactions – Virtual Reality video game

Xistance – Self-published Auto Biography Platform


Blake Peebles

Senior Developer “Guitar Hero is what started it all,” says Blake, BlueArrow’s newest developer. “When I was young, I was the 13th best player in the world,” he humbly explains.

Just a month after his brother Tucker was hired at BlueArrow to build an integration platform that ties client’s telematic tools and services together in one easy to use dashboard, Blake was recruited to join the development team. “Practically, it makes perfect sense,” says Stuart Lamm, BlueArrow’s founder and CEO. “They’ve played well together their whole lives, why not work together?”

As professional video game player in his teens and twenties, Blake literally earned a living playing games. A consistent presence in the TOP 100 gamers in the world [out of 100 million!], his work encompassed what many young men could only dream about – spending days on end playing video games.

When asked how he got so good, he responds quickly, “I’m a problem solver. And whatever I do, I want to be the best.”

Blake attended Wake Tech to learn programming and video game design and spent three years working as a contractor to NextGen Interactions, building virtual reality games, tools we will use to ensure the App they build for their clients is also fun to use.

“Blake’s ability to address an issue or challenge by looking at it from all sides to understand the deeper purpose or goal is what sets him apart” explains Lamm. “He’s a welcome addition to our team!”

Holden Lamm

Fleet Installation With the continued growth BlueArrow Telematics has experienced, company founder and CEO Stuart Lamm saw a distinct need for an in-house installation team. “We want to control all aspects of our business - from start to finish - to ensure our quality standards are always met,” he explains.

Building a new division from scratch, he didn’t need to go far to find the perfect person to make his vision a reality, bringing his son Holden on board.

After studying industrial engineering and technology at his father’s alma mater, East Carolina University, Holden was prepared and ready for his next challenge. Since he can remember, he was always taking things apart and putting them back together and was looking for a job where he could build things.

“I remember walking into the garage one day when Holden was 14 or so and he had taken apart his jeep – to upgrade it.” Stuart laughs. “I wasn’t worried, I knew he’d be able to put it back into one piece.”

The opportunity presented itself when his father mentioned he wanted to build a new installation division at his company. It was a perfect match for Holden’s strategic skills and passion for technology and mechanics and he asked for the job.

“I’ve watched my father working hard his whole life, building this company. It’s the best working environment I’ve ever seen and I know the whole BlueArrow team – I’ve been playing hockey with them since I was a kid. There is an energy at this office that resonates from top to bottom and I look forward to coming to work each day!”

“I expect this part of our business to take off as we know there is going to be significant growth in telematics over the next few years! Holden is the perfect person to jump in and get this department off the ground!” says Stuart Lamm.